Individual Dealings

I’ve made it through Luke 18. How are you doing? You can see that on some days, I make great strides and others — well, I’m always in the WORD, but I don’t always make much progress. Still,over the last few chapters, I’ve been thinking about Jesus’ dealings with people.

I find myself struck by his remarkable ability to see into the real needs of people. No matter how many people clamored after him, begging for favors, asking for information, even trying to trick him, Jesus responds in entirely unique ways to each. He’s not a One Answer Fits All kind of guy. With his disciples, he tells story after story, trying to make them understand the principles of the kingdom. With ten lepers seeking healing, he sends them on their way — without any apparent intervention. Only after they head off, do they find themselves miraculously healed. With children, he blessed them, letting them come just as close to him as the adults did. When a religious leader came calling, Jesus really challenged him. It seems that money owned the man, rather than the man owning money. Jesus advice was to give it all away. (By the way, this fellow is the only one to whom Jesus gave this instruction) It seems that Jesus knew THIS MAN would only be TRULY free when money no longer held him.

So, that leads me to a couple of questions: If Jesus was so creative at reaching and touching people, why do Christians sometimes get stuck in a One Answer mode? Why do we sometimes feel that every interaction with the unchurched, or the non-believer must unfold in a carefully prescribed way?

On the other hand, if you have just begun wondering about Jesus, have you asked HIM to help you understand him in a way that makes sense to you? Does that seem reasonable? I mean if Jesus was who he said he was, then he’s probably still trying to explain heavenly principles to those who want to understand. If you’re interested. Ask him. See what happens! Bette

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