This Isn’t Working!

So, Have you noticed that I haven’t been here lately?

Me too.

I need to ask for your advice; I’m really struggling with this task.

Here’s what’s happened. Before I started to blog, I was in the Bible every single day. It wasn’t hard. It wasn’t work. It was my life, and I loved the regularity of it — hearing from God in his word. Applying it to my life. The encouragement. The correction. The LIFE! I thought that if I blogged through the word, I could share that LIFE with you.

But it isn’t working.

Here’s what happens!

I get reading ahead of where I’m blogging. For instance, I went through the book of Judges while I was blogging through the book of Romans. And while I was finishing blogging Romans, I went ahead and read 1st Corinthians. So, here I am. Two full books ahead of where I’m blogging. What’s a writer to do?

Here’s what happens. I start feeling guilty. I can’t ever catch up. And then…

I stop reading the word, so that I can “catch up” with myself.

It isn’t working. My life has fallen out of balance. I’m like a dog chasing my own tail. I eat too much. Sleep too much. Work too hard. Struggle with my prayer life. And find my emotions directing my life instead of following it.

I know what’s missing. It’s the quiet time in the word! The regularity of it. The stability of it. The LIFE in it.

But how can I get this whole thing to work? Do you have any ideas? Any suggestions?

I’m thinking that I ought to stop feeling responsible for commenting on every single important idea in the Word. For your whole experience with God’s word. Maybe I ought to just do what I can, when I can, and let God do the rest.

I can tell you this. Once you start to experience the LIFE of the word of God, there is no going back. Maybe that’s the whole point of my entire experience. I need to do something different.

Any ideas?

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