How Different We are

Greetings from Denver International Airport.

Since we last spoke, I’ve been out of town a lot. My husband and I went on our annual trip to Canada aboard Amazing Grace, our powerboat. We had a great time, mostly, and perfect weather, but I didn’t have an Internet connection for most of the month.

Since then, I’ve finished the Galley Proofs of Jeremiah (did you have any idea how many times we re-work material before we publish?), and have only one chapter of proofing left to go. I’ve struggled with plotting a new novel, but I’ll tell you more about that later…

This past weekend, I attended the Florida Outpouring, as they are calling the revival in Lakeland, Florida. I’ve got to say, it was a stretching experience. Florida is hot and humid in late July; and the revival tent is a hot spot as well.

One of my primary reflections has to do with the kind of group hosting and attending this revival. In general, they worship freely. They dance, sing, and respond to God in wild abandon. The worship goes on for a long time, without interruption. I’m a little jealous of the way they can let go, and it makes me wonder how much like King David’s wife —Michael—I might have become.

These people come to this revival desperate for more of God. They are eager to hear from Him, and eager to respond to what they hear. They shout and cheer, and they clap and laugh. This audience leaves the speaker with no doubts about their response to the subject at hand.

I just have to wonder, how is God going to handle all of us in heaven? There will be those who sing hymns and those who dance through worship. There will be those who sing Gregorian chant and those who wave flags. Each of us is so very different, and so deeply tied to our styles and preferences.

I know that we’ll have all eternity to figure these things out. But after spending a full weekend outside of my comfort zone, I wonder how we can do it? If three evening services was a stretch, what will eternity be like?

I’ll share more about my Bible reading in the next issue.

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