110 Pages of Fiction

I’m guilty. 

I’m not very consistent at blogging. But I can tell you this. Writing a book — any book — takes time. Lots of time. Since the 11th of August, I’ve written about 110 pages of fiction. The book is due to the publisher December 1st.
Writing a book is about connecting the dots. Take one idea. Add a character. Give the character a desire that she cannot attain. Add words. Stick with it. One page after another.
At first, it feels like carving letters out of marble.
Eventually, the story takes on a life of its own, and things go more smoothly.
But writing a book is a bit like living the Christian life. You cannot begin on the day the book is due. Neither should you begin the Christian life on the day before your life is over. 
You begin today. You start with what you know. You add a little bit day after day after day. You don’t give up. Some days are more productive than others. And then you put in another day, and another, and another.
In the end, when you are consistent — with a book, or with your life — you will have something eternal to show for it, something that wasn’t now is.
And I think it’s worth it. Writing. Living for Christ. 
It’s a long term investment. It pays. No hostile takeovers, Wall street buyouts, or stock depreciation. Not affected by mortgage lending rates, or the housing crisis. 
Invest in Jesus, one day at a time, and be there when he gives out the dividends. It’s worth it. Yes?

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