Do YOU know?

From 2 Timothy 3:10, I read, “But you know what I teach, Timothy, and how I live and what my purpose in life is. You know my faith and how long I have suffered. You know  my love and my patient endurance. . . 

The singlemindedness of this verse struck me with a fierceness I don’t often find in daily reading. 
Think about it. Paul had absolute confidence in the message of his lifestyle. Without the slightest hesitation, he believes that Timothy could specifically recite Paul’s purpose in life. Timothy knows, because Paul knows. And Timothy knows because Paul lives his life with his purpose in mind. 
It shows.
And I began to think about myself, and my world. How many of us could be that confident? Do I KNOW my life’s purpose? 
Do you?
And here is a much harder question: Are you living your life with such complete openness that those who love you could say, “Oh yeah, Bette’s life purpose is . . .”
Would your friends know?
Do you have purpose? What is it?

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