Contented Christmas

Here in the northwest, we’re experiencing one of the most severe winter weather systems ever. Today, we have much snow and frigid temps as we face the wedding of a dear friend. We hope many will struggle through the snow to celebrate with her. But considering Puyallup has no snowplows and relies entirely on sand to keep the roads clear, I have my doubts. We’ll see though.

Today, I want to just make a few notes on contentedness. After all, Christmas is the time to be driven by dissatisfaction. We women want to provide our families the perfect decorations, the perfect food, the perfect gifts, the perfect parties. And sometimes, when we are thwarted, whether by weather or finances, children or time, we end up with a kind of miserable lump in our gut. A sorrow in our memory. It is born with dissatisfaction.
And Proverbs has the answer: Contentedness.
Check out these good words:
Those who love money will never have enough.
Riches are hoarded to harm the saver. (Prov. 5:13)
It is good to eat well, drink good wine, and enjoy your work. (3:18)
Enjoy what you have rather than desiring what you don’t have (6:19)
He might live a thousand years twice but never have contentment. (6:6)
So, how do you stay contented? Cultivate thankfulness! Remember those who have much less. GIVE to the poor. Pray for those who struggle. Live in the NOW (don’t let your mind wander; when you are with your kids concentrate on savoring the moment) Try to avoid or restrict list-making (YES! list-making generates pressure for all the undone things. If you struggle with contentedness, consider what that long list of “to-dos” does to your psyche!) Tell those you love how much they mean to you. Mute or turn off the commercials. Focus on simplifying.
In a season where everything around you is geared to MAKE you dissatisfied, ask God to plant in you a deep sense of contentedness. It’s the treatment for what ails us.

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