obedience 101.

I started over.

Right now, I’m reading in Genesis (again). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been through the Bible– yearly since 1979 as far as I can remember. Every day, I see something new, something inspiring.

This time, I was reading in Genesis about God initiating a covenant with Abraham. In Genesis 17:22 my Bible reads, “That ended the conversation, and God left. ON THAT VERY DAY Abraham took his son Ishmael and every other male in his household and circumcised them.”
I placed the CAPS there for emphasis.
Do you see what I see? God instructs. Abe obeys. Same day. In real time.
No delay. No arguing. No self-justification. No questions. No excuses. No “I’ll do it as soon as I finish. . .”
I wish, after all these years, that I could be that obedient. This year, in January, God showed me a task he wanted me to accomplish. I thought it was about writing, and publishing. Now, I’m not sure.
When I thought it was about my success. I was quick to obey. When the whole purpose came into question, my enthusiasm waned. I slowed. I gave up. I failed.
Reading about Abraham gives me pause. I repent Lord. I will do it. I will keep at it. I will obey.
Okay. I’ve confessed. Now it’s your turn. Where do you struggle with obedience?

One Response to “obedience 101.”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I wish I had an area of disobedience to struggle in. I haven't been given instructions to have an opportunity to disobey. Yes, I can hear in my head the most common responses. 1 – I'm not listening properly. 2 – The Bible is full of instruction.Sure sure, I've heard all that before. Isn't there something else? A number 3?

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