The Power of Blessing

Jacob blessed Pharaoh.

Does that surprise you? It should. It blew me away.
Think about it. As Genesis 47 opens, Pharaoh has it all. Because of the famine, he owns all the land, has all the people’s money, in fact, he’s even managed to get the whole population enslaved to him.
He was the “Iranian Dictator,” the Idi Amin, the People’s Republic, of his era. He had it all. Everything.
But Jacob, who was a starving refugee still chose to bless Pharaoh, not just once, but twice in the same chapter. Why? What did Jacob have to offer? What gave Jacob the chutzpah to bless the highest leader in the land?
Because he had something Pharaoh didn’t. Jacob had a direct line to the God of the Universe. Jacob had relationship. He had perspective. He had divine understanding (Jacob was a prophet!) Jacob had divine leading. Jacob had lived a life under the shadow of God’s hand.
He didn’t have stuff. Jacob had God.
Compared to that, Pharaoh had nothing.
So, what about you? Got God?
If you do, do you have the courage — in the same audacious way of Jacob — to bless the people you meet?
Can you give God’s blessing to everyone? Rich or poor?

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