True Confessions

So, occasionally, I teach Bible Studies.

This fall, I’m teaching one that I’ve written, called “A Daddy You Can Trust.” It’s hard for me, to write a study all week (that belongs later in the quarter), and then get one day to prepare a session for my students. Takes a lot of energy. A lot of concentration, and perseverance.
Anyway, lately the Holy Spirit has been reminding me of these words, found in Ezekiel. “Son of man, let all my words sink deep into your own heart first. Listen to them carefully for yourself. Then go to your people in exile and say to them, ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord Says!’ Do this whether they listen or not.” (Ez 3:10-11)
In the passage, the Spirit is reminding the old prophet that all teaching begins at home.
A tough lesson. A hard lesson. He’s not so much demanding perfect behavior of teachers, as God is demanding that teachers take his words to heart. That we consider our own lives in light of what we know. That we stay open to God’s correction and guidance.
So, last week in my teaching time, I confessed that I have a prejudice. Probably not a prejudice that anyone would be able to identify, looking at my life. But a prejudice just the same. And I realized that God doesn’t like it, this preconceived notion floating around in my brain, taking root, and bringing forth bad fruit.
So. I confess to you. I need God to cleanse me, to heal me, to free me of this silly, wrong attitude of mine. I need to see all people as he does.
I can’t do it without his help. But then, he’s already helped. He spotted it. He called it to my attention. He helped me to repent. And now, he’ll help me grow out of it. He’ll help me to choose another way.
God is good, isn’t he? And the next time you think of YOUR teacher, remember to pray for them, won’t you? They, like Ezekiel, like me, like Beth Moore, Chuck Swindoll, Max Lucado and hundreds of thousands of other teachers all over the world need God to bring the words home first.
God help us all to let YOUR word sink deep into our hearts, so that we can listen carefully for ourselves, whether others listen, or not.
How about you? Do you find yourself ready to dish the word out before it changes your own life? What are you doing about that?

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