Back Business

So. Today, questions for you:

Are you a reader? If so, how do you choose what you will read next?
As a reader, how do you think I (an author) could BEST entice you to read my next novel?
I’m in the middle of planning my release promotion for my next fiction, (Genoa Bay, releasing January 2010) and frankly, when I signed up for writing novels, I thought WRITING was all I’d have to do. Turns out, that is wrong. Writing is only a tiny part of the bargain.
Nope. You plan the novel. You research the novel. You write parts of the novel. You sell the novel to a publisher (With the help of your ever supportive and helpful agent). And then, you write the rest of the novel. You edit the novel. You turn the novel in. You edit again. And again. And again. And then you wait.
And then you promote it.
This, it turns out, is the hardest part for me. Promotion is so much outside of my comfort zone.
So. To promote, I speak. I teach. I try to get others to read the novel and to tell friends about it. I write about the process (here, for instance). And then I hope. I pray.
So, my friends. You read what I sometimes write here. What advice do YOU have to give your author friend?
I’m open, really!

2 Responses to “Back Business”

  1. Karen Hogman Says:

    Bette, I read Genoa Bay and I loved it. What a great book!!! I am going to pass it on for others to read. This is the first of your books that I have read. Excellent job. Blessings, Karen

  2. Joyce A. Scott Says:

    Hi, Bette: I’ve enjoy your blogs on your website. Wonderful insight. Wonderful writing. I’m not to the “do everything else that’s required of writers now” stage, but I know it will stretch me when/if it comes. I’ve been writing for 20 years now and it seems as though I’ve wasted my time. In my heart I know I haven’t–that Jesus has produced wonderful things in my life. But still, as I say to my critique group, if I build rockers they’re meant to be sat in and if I write books I want them to be read. 🙂 Thank you for your website, your wonderful books and you. Joyce

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