Experiencing God

So. Last week, I was walking the beaches of Maui, having this great prayer time with the Lord. I was praying for my kids, and one particular friend. The sun was shining and all was right with the world. After all, what can go wrong in paradise? Yeah, I know. Someone has to do it, right?

Maggie slept in that morning, and I’d gotten up early to go for a walk. I had my regular glasses  tucked into the front of my top, and wore my sunglasses. I walked the entire length of the beach, and washed off my feet before heading up to the condo. As I got into the dark stairway, I realized that I needed to switch glasses. It was really dark in there. But when I reached down to grab my specs, what do you know?

They were gone.

Panic. Oh no! How do you enjoy a vacation you don’t see? Really. I’m so blind that I can’t find my face in the mirror without my glasses.

I ran back to the beach. I begged God to help me find them. Well, not begged really. I just told him that I knew that he knew where those glasses were. I searched my memory (which doesn’t take long these days) for some moment when I’d bent over the glasses might have fallen out of my shirt. Nothing. I asked a guy I’d been talking to (about snorkeling). I climbed over the rocks, never taking my eyes off the ground in front of me. The tide was on the way in, which means that whatever is left on the beach is picked up by the water, and carried out to sea, rather than being dumped on the beach and left there. The odds were against me. A long beach. An incoming tide. Trying to see glasses that might be floating in sun-reflected water.

I reminded God that He knew. And I asked him to show me. “I’ll give you the Glory, Lord. If you show me, I’ll give you all the credit.”

I prayed and I walked and I searched. My little walk had now more than doubled in length. Nothing.

I stopped people and asked, “You wouldn’t happen to have found a pair of glasses, would you?” Nothing.

Then, I paused to watch two kids building a sand castle in the morning sunlight. They were like all kids everywhere, playing innocently on the beach. Daddy was watching, close by, and I couldn’t help smiling. I was about to give up when a lady walked by me. It was a last chance. “You wouldn’t happen to have seen. . .”

“Oh my God,” she said. “I did. I was standing on the beach and this wave came in and just dropped a pair of glasses right at my feet.” She was clearly astonished. “I have them up here, by my shoes. I was going to take them to the condo office.” (Not my condo, by the way. I never would have thought to check so far down the beach).

So. After I profusely thanked her, I told her. “You know. It is a miracle to find them. I prayed as I searched, saying ‘Lord, if you find them, I’ll give you the Glory.’ ” So I told her about my prayer and about how God had led her to return my glasses. Clearly, she thought I’d lost my ever-lovin’-mind.

Ah well. That morning on the beach, I had a God-experience. I connected with him, experienced his love for me, his compassion for my human frailty. And a stranger experienced God too. She thought she was just going for a walk in the morning sun. Instead, she experienced an introduction to a God she clearly didn’t know.

I hope it was a great experience for her. I hope it left her a little confused, a little hopeful. I hope it made her wonder if I was crazy, or if maybe, just maybe, my God was real, and that this REAL God actually cares about something as simple as a pair of glasses and two strangers on a beach in paradise.

One Response to “Experiencing God”

  1. Annette Says:

    Love this story, Bette. I think you’ve planted a seed in her heart anyway. God obviously wanted to show up, tangibly, in both your lives that day. 🙂 Love Him for that!

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