Dear One

I know that right now, you are feeling betrayed, used, unappreciated.

You are tempted to anger, bitterness, resentment.

However, consider this. I was reading in Exodus 6 last night and found these words: (God speaking to Moses about Pharaoh, Exodus 6:21) “But I will make him stubborn so that he will not let the people go.”

And I got to thinking about you and your situation. How easy it is to assume that one who controls some part of our lives — our boss, our teacher, our pastor, the president, the policeman, the judge — has the final say over what happens to us.

Truth? God ALWAYS has the final say.

Moses was tempted. After his first contact with the King of Egypt, he might have slunk home in defeat.  “I can’t do this,” he might have thought. “Pharaoh is a hard-nosed, mean guy. He’s not going to listen to me.” He might have been angry with the king. He might have decided that he needed a covert operation rather than negotiation. A Jewish raid on the palace. THAT would free the Jews.

But God had unique and specific plans for rescuing his people. God MADE Pharaoh’s heart stubborn. It wasn’t an accident. It wasn’t the King’s choice. Pharaoh’s very heart-attitude was in the hand of the GREAT KING.

Why? While I try never to assume that I know what God is thinking, let’s consider the question:

1. Pharaoh’s stubborn attitude led to God revealing his nature and power to the whole nation of Egypt. Certainly many of them (we know they left with the Jews) were persuaded by this series of events to follow the One God.

2. It led to God’s demonstration of his divine concern for his people. The Jews saw it all transpire — every plague. Moses went to talk to Pharaoh, and God increased the pressure with miraculous signs. God cared enough to intervene on behalf of his kids. He still does that you know.

3. It demonstrated God’s protection over his people. How many plagues never touched God’s people? Make a count. When the whole nation suffered, in the land of Goshen, his people continued.

4. It led to the most miraculous foreshadowing  of God’s provision in Jesus, the Passover. Through a lamb’s blood, the people were kept safe from death. Through Jesus blood WE are kept safe — snatched back — from the jaws of death. God made a provision for his people, a unique and unusual provision, so that when death reigned, they lived.

5. It led to the miraculous physical demonstration of God’s power. When Pharaoh and his mighty army came after the Jews in the wilderness, God himself cloaked the people in a cloud and led them through the Red Sea on dry ground. That NEVER would have happened if Pharaoh had just “gone along” with the plan.

6. These events were to be, according to the Word, the foundation of the faith experience of the Jews. Forever after, they were asked to “look back and remember” God’s deliverance from slavery.

It would never have happened, this divine deliverance, if Pharaoh had had a compliant heart.

So, my beloved one, take heart. Your boss, teacher, pastor, judge, attorney, policeman is NOT in charge. God is in charge. Like the Jews, you have something to gain from this experience. If I were to guess, I’d say that you are on the cusp of some wonderful and divine GOD ADVENTURE. Look up. Praise him for the future.

Don’t waste your energy and emotions looking back. Turn your face toward Heaven. WATCH for God’s demonstration of power. WATCH for his provision. (remember the Jews went out in the morning and picked up their food, every day, directly from the hand of God, with no more effort than the gathering). WATCH for his direction.

Though your “Pharaoh” seems in charge, he is NOT.

Do not allow your eyes to be distracted by his heart. Focus on God. Trust God. Know that HE is in charge, and HE WILL PROVIDE FOR HIS CHILDREN.

Every time.

You can count on it.

Love, Mom

2 Responses to “Dear One”

  1. MB Says:

    “Do not let your hearts be troubled” is a command the disciples and you and and I are to obey! Deliberately calming ourselves is a choice we are to make in the face of shocking setbacks, catastrophic circumstances, abrupt accidents, irritating interruptions, devastating dissension, agonizing addiction, frequent failure, all of which cause us to be terrified of the consequences and repercussions. In the midst of the swirling, cloying fog of fear, Jesus commands, “Stop it!” The antidote to fear is FAITH.
    From Anne Graham Lotz, Pursing More of Jesus.. Look up dear one, Jesus is lovingly looking down on you with intense interest.

  2. Mary Says:

    You don’t know my situation, but this letter was written directly to me. Thank you!

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