New Life

It isn’t scripture, but it’s life-changing. I’m a grandma. My daughter had her first baby — a girl — on Sept. 22, 2010.

She’s beautiful (both mother and daughter actually), and she’s doing well. Eating, sleeping, and charming everyone she meets. Her name is Evangeline. Nick-name to be announced. (Which means her parents haven’t decided!)

So. I just thought I’d share this one little sentence I found in Numbers.

Murder pollutes the land.

Made me think. We are living in such a “green” conscious culture, here in the USA. Conserve, re-use, re-cycle. We have made pollution-avoidance our first priority. Isn’t it interesting that the Bible tells us that it isn’t just the STUFF that pollutes. Our moral choices pollute as well.

Murder pollutes the land.

How polluted is the USA if murder pollutes our land? What about the murder of children in gang violence? Of wives in domestic violence? Of children at the hand of their own parents? What about gun violence? What about murdered policemen?

Perhaps if we really want to green up America, we should be working on saving lives, not aluminum cans.

Holding a newborn infant, having her steal your heart, can change your perspective on things. And the Word of God suddenly takes on new meaning.

What do you think?


4 Responses to “New Life”

  1. Mary Says:

    Congratulations! I love her name. My youngest is Gabrielle. We thought we would call her Ellie but it never took. Her two older brothers (13 and 11) called her “Guh” for a while. At some point she went from Gabrielle to Gabby.
    Blessings to you and your family!

  2. citygirlfarming Says:

    My first thought was ABORTION….there’s a ton of murders daily.

  3. Heather Miller Says:


    Congratulations on the birth of your grand-daughter! I LOVE her name!!!

    The care for our environment has been on the forefront of my mind lately, as we are praying about how to bring the Gospel to our current culture through planting a new church in Corvallis, OR. There really has been a culture shift in recent years, hasn’t there? Adam was told to “work the land and take care of it” in Genesis. So, I see the validity of not being wasteful, of using resource wisely.

    As followers of Jesus, should we play a part (or even take a lead) doing what we can to sustain and promote physical and environmental health? Might we, not only take better care of the land, but hopefully enter into relationship that would allow us to share about the Creator and his saving grace? I am starting to think that scientists and environmentalists (even community garden volunteer workers) of this generation who are Believers will have a unique opportunity to shine the Light in self-centered dark places.

    However, the verse you brought up is a breath of fresh air in my thought process.

    Murder pollutes the land

    Life is more important than food, and the body more than clothes. This helps me keep things in perspective. I am REALLY thankful for your post today!… I just stumbled upon it.

    To clarify for any other readers, I am an MK, a pastor’s wife, a church planter, a home-school mom, and a Birth Doula– I love babies, people and life! I have not ever been driven by the environmental push, but find myself surrounded by this topic to the point where I must address it. Since I also love to garden, paint, hike, bike and observe nature, it is enjoyable to care for the earth. But, I have a check in my heart now… may my focus, may my time and energy remain on the Lord God, on my family, on people, eternal matters…AS I dig my hands into the soil. I don’t think we need to refrain from entering into the social circle at the recycle centers, and natural food co-ops. It might be the very place we Christians should be right now. Because, we can share that there is HOPE through Jesus Christ. Thoughts??

    Psalm 46 1-3 “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea.”


  4. Karen Says:

    Congratulations to you and your family on the birth of Evangeline!
    Murder pollutes the land…
    The first thought that came to mind was abortions. Our land flows red with their blood.
    Next, I thought of murder with our words as James spoke of. Given the present flood of election ads it seems quite relevent as to the condition of our land. While most Christians do not murder our fellow countrymen’s physical bodies, are we guiltless when it comes to the standard that God has set in His word? Do we lust and do not have so then commit murder with our tongues? Are many of us even aware that if we speak gossip or slander that we are in deed guilty of murder? Or if we even speak harshly toward another we may be damaging that person’s soul? How about bearing false witness? Are we not engaing in a form of killing? We are destroying a man’s good name and possibly putting him in legal jepordy. I wonder how mush innocent blood has been shed in the execution chambers of this land based on false testimony.
    And one last thought provoker…..if we are not the witness( by our life as well as with words) we are called to be..if the world can not tell us apart from them…. if we do not obey the command of the Great Commision… many souls are doomed to eternal hell? If the world can not see the glory of our Beautiful Savior reflected in us, how will they even desire to follow Him?

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