Mistakes Everywhere.

It’s one thing to write a blog, admonishing all of “you readers out there” to walk the walk. But it wouldn’t be right if I weren’t trying to walk the walk alongside you. I am.

Recently though, I’ve made a lot of mistakes. Both spiritual and physical. For instance:

I’m teaching my middle daughter to sew. We’re working on a really cute linen skirt. Problem is, I taught her how to put in a zipper and then we put it in in the wrong place. I forgot to take into account the depth of the waistband. Good job right? Not.

I knit a little vest recently, and when I tried to sew it together, I discovered that the pieces didn’t fit. Though I’d read the directions, I’d  misinterpreted them. I found buttonholes on the left front (whoops) and a mis-matched buttonhole on the right front yoke. Not good. The back piece didn’t match the yoke piece either.It was a wreck, and I couldn’t figure out why.

So. What’d I do? Well. For the skirt, I ripped out the zipper, attached the waistband, and then reinstalled the original zipper. It wasn’t my daughter’s fault after all. I’d made the mistake. On the sweater vest, I pored back over the instructions, trying to figure out where I went wrong. Eventually, I pulled out rows of knitting, and re-knit with the correct instructions. (By the way, the buttonholes will always be on the wrong side of that vest. I’d appreciate it if you don’t point it out, thank-you-very-much).

But my mistakes haven’t stopped there. No. Not me.

I’m teaching a Bible study. And, three weeks ago, in class, I over-reacted to the comments of one of my students. As soon as class was over, I saw that moment, frozen in time, playing over and over again in my head. The woman’s look of shock and hurt and I marched over her feelings with my pride and determination.

Then, last weekend, we had a committee meeting at church, and before it was over, I gave a prayer request. At the end, I tacked on a phrase that I’ve come to regret. I think I was being emphatic. Or trying to be funny. Or brash. Who knows? But I was making fun at the LORD’s expense. And my conscience went to work on me (AKA the Holy Spirit), immediately.

So. What have I done about spiritual mistakes? Well, I’ve cleaned them up. I’ve confessed to the One Who Watches Me. I’ve agreed with him about what I’d done. Then, I had to write a few notes to the people involved. I had to confess, admit my mistakes and ask forgiveness. Fortunately, those who love me are quick to forgive. In fact, I wish I were as quick to confess as they are to forgive.

My classroom got to watch the two of us work out our miscommunication. They learned a lot in the process — both about the subject we were discussing AND about how leaders get to humble themselves!

My lesson? In crafting, I’ve learned that I’m never satisfied with “pretending” that my mistakes aren’t there. I don’t expect perfection every time. But I do know that covering up never makes me happy. Maggie might have worn that skirt with a long sweater. It would have worked. But it would never be the skirt it could have been.

The same is true for my soul. Covering up never works. It never allows me to become the me that I might have been. I’ve learned to love my seam ripper. And I’ve learned to love confession and forgiveness. Sure. It would be easier to do it right the first time; that’s always my goal. But when I make mistakes, and I will, I know that the shortest way out of them is to admit them and turn around.

That, my friends, is what repentance is all about. Embrace it. Compared to the alternative, it’s the easy way!

Done any confessing lately?



One Response to “Mistakes Everywhere.”

  1. Mary Says:

    Thanks for your transparency and sharing your mistakes with us. Good lessons there for all of us–but only because you were willing to be vulnerable.

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