Your Life In Christ

So. I’ve been thinking about the difference between “show” and “tell.” Most of the New Testament is “tell.” By that, I mean the paragraphs are filled with instructions: Love one another. Husbands love your wives. Don’t neglect gathering with other believers. Pray for one another. Be filled with the spirit.

But do the scriptures ever “show” us how to live life in Christ?

Surely, Jesus’ life gives us some illumination. But most of us are confused by his divinity. “Of course,” we say. “He can do that, because, after all, he IS God.” But what about us? How can mere mortals do anything that measures up to that standard?

Is there anywhere that a believer could see what life in Christ really looks like?

I think so. In the book of Acts, we watch believers discover the wonder of this completely new idea —that by the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit, our lives look different than those of any humans who came before us. In fact, I can think of many ways our lives look different because of our life in Christ. As the old poem goes, “Let me count the ways. . .”

I’d like to look at them, one at a time.

I think the first quality is: SURPRISE. As the believers in Acts follow Christ, they find their own preconceived notions repeatedly toppled. Who’d have thought Jews and Gentiles could find a mutual faith? Who’d have thought that untrained fisherman could teach others about following God? Who would have thought that persecution could be part of God’s good plan for his church? And in honor of the Christmas season, who’d have thought that God would announce the coming of the Messiah first to shepherds?

These believers found that in Christ, they didn’t know as much as they thought they did. And what they did know, turns out to be less than true. The Holy Spirit had much to teach them, and by listening, they found themselves in a constant state of surprise.

I think that as we follow Christ, our world is full of surprise.  So today, I’m asking you:

In your life in Christ, what big surprises have you experienced lately?


2 Responses to “Your Life In Christ”

  1. DJ YOUNG Says:

    The ‘surprise’ for me is that the fruit of Jesus’ days were the direct result of his nights of prayer. Which one of us won’t love fruit like that; devils depart at his word, a person is healed by his touch and his word alone restores life.

    For me, since I have completed writing a book entitled, “The Praying Dad — When You pray, what is in it for you?”, I have prayed more because I want more and better fruit in my daily life. Thanks for asking.

  2. Bette Nordberg Says:

    DJ, Right on. Jesus’ powerful and fiercely influential life was absolutely related to his commitment to prayer. He not only sat there, spewed out the words, and went through the motions. But, he ACCOMPLISHED something in prayer. It is surprising that what we achieve in life is not as much related to our own ability, as it is to our access to and responsiveness to God’s plan and power and ability. Yup. Pretty surprising!

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