An obvious trap:

Our granddaughter. The picture of innocence.

Last Thursday, I went for an early morning walk in a development not yet filled with houses. Though the streets are paved, the sidewalks are finished and streetlights dot the intersections, there is only one new home in the entire area. It’s almost as if the developer built a park just for the neighbors.

But on this last walk, I was surprised to discover a sight I’d never before encountered.

There, in the middle of a newly planted garden was the strangest contraption. It was built of wooden slats, shaped a little like a dog crate with a handle on the top. It had an open doorway, through which I could clearly see netting with openings the size of chicken wire. It didn’t take Sherlock Holmes to tell me; I was looking at a trap.

Now up in this area, I’ve seen wild deer, an occasional fox, and numerous coyote. A friend has been battling aggressive raccoons. I’m guessing the trap was for coyote. What surprised me was that the owner of the trap made no effort at all to hide or disguise the trap. There were no tree branches hiding it. It wasn’t gussied up, or made to look like anything other than a Plain. Old. Trap.

And seeing it made me wonder. What kind of stupid animal would voluntarily walk into what was such an obvious snare? Shouldn’t any reasonable coyote know better?

And that made me think about the traps our enemy lays for us. Are they any less obvious?

Lately, I’ve been thinking about sexual traps, the trap of infidelity, adultery, fornication. And as I ponder the idea, I realize that Satan is no more subtle than my neighbor’s coyote trap. Still, we fall in. Think of his lies:

No one will know.
No one will get hurt.
There won’t be any consequences.
You deserve to be loved.
Everyone else is doing it.
This is the way I was made.
The pull is too strong to resist.

Don’t those lies look a lot like a blatantly laid trap? I honestly wonder why we’re so willing to enter the snare? Why are we so blind? So foolish? Does having a sin nature make us just plain stupid as well?

Though it doesn’t help that the rest of the world has bought Satan’s lies, that certainly shouldn’t excuse those who belong to the King. But it makes you think, doesn’t it? Have you fallen victim to obvious traps? Should you know better?

Peter tells us, “Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls about like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour.” How alert are you today?


2 Responses to “An obvious trap:”

  1. Duane J. YOUNG Says:

    It is not the trap we see or don’t see. It is the smell of the bait that draws us in, just like the coyote will be drawn in. An unsatisfied hunger allows, even one of God’s children, to be drawn into sweet arms of what seems to satisfy that hunger. Only after do we realize it was a trap of the enemy. Then it becomes a struggle for our very soul to try and get out. (Thanks for walking.)

  2. Bette Nordberg Says:

    DJ, you are sooooooooo right. I understand that the bait is powerful stuff — those unfulfilled needs/wants/hungers. I can testify to that. I’ve nearly fallen myself! Still, when the stuff we want is wrapped in what is so obviously a trap, why do we still enter in? I wish I had an answer. Maybe then, we could figure out how to stand in front of the trap waving our arms and screaming a warning worthy of the danger!

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