Walking My Talk

I can't lead if I won't follow.

I can’t lead if I won’t follow.

I had a little temptation last Sunday.

Perhaps you’ve had the same kind of experience. As I look back, I have to laugh; God was at work in something so mundane as a knitting show. Here’s what happened:

Tickets to the “marketplace” at the Vogue Knitting Live show started selling months ago at 35 dollars per ticket. 35 bucks for the privilege of spending money on yarn. A bit much for my taste. I didn’t buy.

But last Tuesday, I received an email saying that the tickets were now available for 7 dollars. Much more reasonable. I bought tickets for Saturday and had already closed the electronic ticket window before I realized that my daughter and the grandkids would be visiting on Saturday. No way would I go to a yarn show under those conditions.

Fast forward to noon on Sunday, when I realized that the yarn show was still in progress. I went to my computer to print out my receipt for the Saturday show (remember it’s already Sunday). I worried that the ticket wouldn’t be valid any more, and that after driving one hour to Bellevue, they would charge me the original 35 bucks to get in.

To my surprise, the receipt was a simple PDF file. I said to my hubby, “You know, I could just alter this to say Sunday. It wouldn’t be a big deal. After all, the Sunday price was the same as the Saturday price.”

He agreed, “It’s not like you’re stealing or anything.”

I spent the next 20 minutes tweaking out a new receipt that said, SUNDAY. And as I did so, my heart got heavier and heavier. I was feeling real guilt. “Lord,” I said, “you don’t care when I go to the yarn show. After all, I’m not cheating them out of money.”

The feeling wouldn’t go away.

As I packed my purse, I realized I wasn’t going to use the new altered ticket. Instead I took the original. “I guess I’ll just throw myself on the mercy of the ticket lady,” I said to the Lord,

And he said, as clearly as a voice in your head ever can, “Why don’t you throw yourself on My mercy?”

You know how the story ends, I’m certain. I took my paper up to the lady behind the computer and explained that I hadn’t come Saturday because of the grandkids (oh yeah, I love to have my daughter visit too!!!).

“No problem,” she answered, laughing. “We don’t really care. It’s no big deal.” And she handed me the wrist bracelet that would be my entry ticket.

You know, after so many years following the Lord, I’m a little surprised at how close I came to failing this test. But you know, I wonder if honesty, integrity, truthfulness all demand our constant sharpening. Like a well-used knife, even long practiced virtues can become dull. Mine had.

How can I ask anyone to follow me toward Christ unless I first commit myself to the deeper, truer, more honest path.

So there you know. I fail too sometimes. Have you had a similar experience? How did you do?


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6 Responses to “Walking My Talk”

  1. Duane j. Young Says:

    The path of righteousness – no rights, no lefts.
    Simple Spirit led integrity costs and you are willing to pay the price. Nicely done. Thanks

    • Bette Nordberg Says:

      The part of the story that tickles me most is how kind and PERSISTENT the Holy Spirit is! And how, after so many years of obedience, it becomes MORE difficult to do anything else but follow! Thanks DJ. Wish I could take some credit. Me? I was the one who printed the fake ticket!

  2. susanmaas Says:

    It’s always exciting to see how God teaches us through the little things. Even out mistakes and failures–or almost failures. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your story.

    • Bette Nordberg Says:

      Thanks Susan. I think you are so right. This week in our Bible study, we looked at Jesus’ prayer for Peter. I was surprised to learn that he did not pray for Peder to resist the denial, but to “keep the faith.” In other words, the failure itself wasn’t the important thing — rather the lesson to be gained from the failure.

  3. Terri Fisher Says:

    Bette just started reading your blog. Thank for leading the way towards Christ with your blog. It’s very refreshing Terri

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