About Bette Nordberg

I’m a writer. I’ve published six fiction books, and almost as many non-fiction titles.

A few years ago, I began noticing how many people were blogging about Christians and Christianity without any reference to the BOOK, the one source that defines Christ and his followers. Instead, bloggers quoted philosophers, politicians, and Christians as the definitive source of Christian information. I wanted to change that. I wanted to start a discussion based simply on the BOOK, and, as a published fiction and non-fiction writer who hangs out in the BOOK every day, I thought, why not try? Why not blog my way through the Bible in a year. Well, I’ve discovered that there is far more than one year’s worth of discussion in that Worthy Book. The insights are never ending. And, as the Holy Spirit inspires me, I will continue to share it’s living inspiration, clarity, direction, wisdom and correction with you. Naturally, all of this is filtered through one VERY human vessel (me). So, to make it work, we need to work together. Let’s talk, think, question, read, and seek the deeper meaning of the words we profess to believe. Join me?

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