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Keeping my balance. . .

December 5, 2012

bike coastI’ve been seeing a physical therapist for three months now. It seems that I’d managed to injure a hamstring tendon badly enough that normal TLC wasn’t enough to bring healing. After years of on-again, off-again pain, I sought professional help.

It seems, after testing, that I have managed to develop some pretty serious muscle imbalances. Though the deficiency didn’t show in my every day activities, when stressed, my right hamstring cried out in pain. For me, the big stressors are climbing a hill on my bike, running and — believe it or not — sitting as I play my cello. It all made my “sit-bone” scream! (that’s ischial tuberosity for you medical folks)

One of my muscle weaknesses has to do with my core strength, my ability to hold my trunk and pelvis still while my legs work to climb or run or hold the cello. It shows up especially in my balance activities, standing on one foot, stepping over obstacles, etc. It turns out that if you can’t maintain your balance, you won’t be able to do the activities that demand strength and flexibility of your limbs. In other words, the productivity of your arms and legs depends on the stillness of the torso.

That small truth echoes a spiritual truth, one I’ve been wrestling with ever since I started writing for publication,.

You see, in the world of publishing, self promotion is highly valued. Publishers want to see writers have a platform, a marketing plan, a series of “endorsements” from highly reputable, respectable and visible people. An endorsement from my pastor has no real value, because he isn’t well known, hasn’t sold millions of books, and doesn’t have a highly visible speaking ministry. As for myself, I haven’t created a foundation. I have no ministry named after me. I speak less frequently, to smaller audiences.

So why the struggle?

It seems to me that self-promotion is exactly the opposite of Godly character. Not long ago, I found this verse in 2 Corinthians 10:18. I think it might become my life verse (If I can manage to memorize it correctly). See what you think: “For it is not he who commends himself that is approved., but he whom the Lord commends.”

It seems to me that in the world of shameless self-promotion this truth is a core strength, one that holds your spirit still while your body seeks to work ┬áto obey the Lord. This truth keeps my ego in check. It stills my jealous heart. It quiets my desire to evaluate my life based on book sales or speaking engagements. It reminds my soul that book reviews don’t count; daddy reviews are everything.

When my soul is quiet, when I am free from the slavery of approval, only then can I listen to the voice of the Master. Then, in the stillness and strength of his value, I can do anything, even the smallest, unobserved, unappreciated thing that gives my Daddy great pleasure.

How about you? What spiritual muscles keep you still enough to be strong in Christ?